Ecotechbuild was established in 2010 as the design-build subsidiary of ecotechdesign in order to better serve the client and their needs.

Offering traditional full-service design, as well as accurate cost estimating, construction bidding and finished construction results, ecotechbuild delivers a high-quality, finished building product on-time and on-budget. This allows the building owner to anticipate what will be delivered and for how much early in the design process in order to acquire necessary project financing in a timely manner. By working simultaneously and directly with the Architect and Contractor, architectural and engineering revisions can be analyzed for their design, as well as cost and construction impact in a timely way. This avoids unnecessary expense and delay that could be incurred if enacted later during the documentation or permitting process.

The process includes 5 phases:

  1. Contract negotiation and planning.
  2. Design, engineering and cost estimation.
    a. Design
    b. Construction documentation
    c. Permitting
  3. Site Work
  4. Fabrication
  5. Delivery, installation and finish.

Using a hybrid design approach, mass-produced, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated modular materials, components, structures and cargo containers can be easily designed, engineered, cost-analyzed and integrated together to generate responsive, efficient, yet flexible home designs. While high-strength structural connections can be welded under monitored shop conditions during the component fabrication phase, completed components, can be assembled and combined simply and quickly at the site, using a bolted, mechanical connection process. Using this kit-of-parts process also allows for relatively easy dis-assembly, should it be necessary.

The construction process is further expedited by starting container or component assembly at the same time as site-related work. Foundations and utilities are installed before component delivery to create a seem-less installation process and avoid unnecessary delays and extra expense. During construction of Hybridhouse_1, for instance, container units (complete with wiring, plumbing, mechanical, bathrooms, kitchens, painted and finished) were shipped by truck from the fabrication facility in Los Angeles in approximately 4 hours to the desert site and erected in 15 minutes each. Units are then combined with the structural, wiring, plumbing and mechanical elements of each unit attached together to create an assembled house. Other sub-assemblies, such as the solar shade framing system are then literally bolted onto the exterior container framing with the metal shade mesh panels then attached using a simple bolted assembly. The last phase includes final finishing and touch-up.

is the research and development component of ecotechdesign.  We research and develop new, creative and alternative design ideas for construction, using conventional materials and systems in innovative ways with an emphasis on sustainable and cost-effective solutions.  Today’s current ecological and economic crisis is not only material in nature, but one incurred by short term thinking.

The goal of ecotechr+d is to recycle old ideas in a new way.

is a consultancy service offered by ecotechdesign.  We have been outsourcing architectural and sustainable design, master planning, technical construction and forensic expertise to architects, engineers and developers across the U.S. for over 40 years, hold professional licenses to practice architecture in 4 states and have been certified by the NCARB since 1971.

We work as independent contractors on a contract or hourly basis and, depending on the project, its size and location consult in-house or in our own studios, located in Los Angeles.